FIJI Water is natural mineral water from the islands of Fiji. Recognized for its soft, smooth taste, FIJI Water isserved by top chefs and the finest restaurants and is one of the world’s leading premium bottled waters. A productof one of the last virgin ecosystems on the planet, FIJI Water is bottled into iconic square bottles at the source froma vast underground chamber. Through a sealed delivery system free of human contact, FIJI Water is truly untouched,until you unscrew the cap.”


Straight from the Source

FIJI Water is natural mineral water from the islands of Fiji. It is bottled at the source from a vast underground chamber, which protects the water from external contaminants and impurities.

Soft, Smooth Taste

Gradual filtration process through layers of volcanic rock imparts minerals that contribute to FIJI’s distinctly soft, smooth taste and unique electrolyte profile

An International Brand

Following the success of the flagship U.S. business, FIJI Water has expanded its global presence in North America, Europe, Australia/Oceania, South Africa and Asia where the brand’s iconic square bottle is increasingly visible at leading on-premise and retail establishments.

We’re partnering with Conservation International to preserve the Islands of Fiji..

Preserving the Sovi Basin
FIJI Water has helped to establish a conversation lease to prevent the future logging and degradation of approximately 40,000 acres of the Sovi Basin, FIJI largest remaining unprotected rainforest

Reforestation in Viti Levu
With Conversation International, we are working on an expansive reforestation project, restoring 2,800 acres of degraded grasslands. Sofa, we have planted 325,000 new trees on the Island of Viti Levu .

Social Responsibility

FIJI Water has supported a number of other philanthropic initiatives in Fiji and around the world, including clean water access, health and education projects, disaster relief, as well as a myriad of other charitable causes and activities.